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Centrifugal pump

  • Products Name:IRG Vertical Centrifugal Pump
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  • Product Introduction
    IRG series of single-grade single-priming vertical pipeline centrifugal pumps are a new generation of efficient and energy-saving products designed by our company with reference to the performance parameters in the international standard of ISO2858 and national standard of JB/T6878.2-93 and combining with the years of manufacturing experience of our company. They are ideal products to replace the SG pipeline centrifugal pump, IS centrifugal pump, D multi-level centrifugal pump and other regular pumps. The series' flow range is 1.5-1,600m3/h and the lift range is 5-125m, classified into basic type, shunt type, cutting type and other specifications. In line with the difference in medium and temperature in service occasions, the material change and structural change in the flow passage, they are designed and manufactured to IRG hot water pump, IHG pipeline chemical pump and YG pipeline oil pump with the same performance parameters, making the series of products popular in use to completely replace regular centrifugal pumps in all occasions.
    Model meaning

    Main uses
    1. IRG vertical centrifugal pump supplies and conveys clean water and other liquid in the similar physical property to clean water with the medium temperature lower than 80℃. It is applicable to industrial and urban water supply and drainage, water supply pressurization in high-rise buildings, sprinkling irrigation in gardens, fire-fighting pressurization, water-supplying in long distance, pressurization of heating, bathroom, and other supporting devices.
    2. IRG vertical hot water circulating pumps are applicable to pumps for boiler hot-water pressurization, circulation, conveying and the circulating pumps of urban heating system in the area of energy, metallurgy, timber processing, chemical engineering, textile, papermaking, hotel, bathroom, hotel, etc. with the service medium temperature lower than 120℃.

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