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Self-priming Pump

  • Products Name:ZX series of self-priming pump
  • No.:sn2016081775416
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  • Product Introduction
    ZX series of self-priming pump belongs to self-priming centrifugal pump, featured by compact structure, high efficiency, long duration and stronger self-priming capacity. The bottom valve is unnecessary in the pipeline, and it only needs to keep a certain amount of lead liquid inside the pump before the operation to simplify the pipeline system and improve working condition.
    Application range
    1. It is applicable to urban environment, construction, fire-fighting, chemical engineering, pharmacy, dyestuff, printing and dyeing, brewing, electricity, water resource, electroplating, papermaking, petroleum, mines, device cooling, oil drainage of the tanker, etc.
    2. It is applicable to clean water, sea water, chemical medium liquid with acidity and alkalinity as well as common pasty sizing agent (the medium viscosity is ≤100Lipari and the solid content is below 30%)
    3. When mounted with a swing arm sprayer, the water can go into the air and become small drips to spray, thus being a good tool for farm, nursery, garden, tea garden.
    4. It is capable of matching with pressure filters of any model and specification to convey sizing agent to the most ideal matching pump type for filter by pressure filter.
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    Performance parameter

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