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Self-priming Pump

  • Products Name:ZDB Mechanical Transmission Equipment Type Self-priming Pump
  • No.:sn2016081739895
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  • Product Introduction
    This series of pump adopts cast iron with vortex superior bronze impeller. After fine process, the pump is of extremely high pressure. Among which GP series is more suitable for circulating water supply of air conditioner. For the first use of the pump, it shall be powered on for trial-operation to check whether it is in normal condition. Then, connect the pipelines (to reduce joint numbers as many as possible). Irrigate water from the inlet of the pump casing before operation, and it is unnecessary to irrigate water afterwards. For operation in northern areas, it shall drain the water inside the pump to stop operation for long-term during winter to prevent the pump body from frost-cracked. Characteristics: High efficiency, small vibration, high lift, convenient moving and maintenance, applicable to water supply of higher floors, domestic water and electricity and garden spray.
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