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Oil-filled submersible pump

  • Products Name:QY oil-filling submersible electric pump
  • No.:sn2016081790345
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  • Product Introduction
    QY oil-filling submersible electric pump is an electric drainage-irrigation device integrated water pump and three-phase asynchronous motor.It is small, light and reliably waterproof sealing; it also requires no pump house or no irrigation and is convenient for the maintenance and management.
    Application range
    1. Drainage-irrigation, well-irrigation and spray-irrigation in farmland and garden;
    2. Well water-lifting and water tower water-supplying
    3. Flooding drainage and prevention
    4. Water-drainage at the bottom of ship cabin;
    5. Water supply and drainage in unban construction, industry and mining;
    Working condition
    The submersible depth of the pump is no more than 5m;
    the water temperature is no more than 40℃;
    The volume ratio of sediment concentration or the water-insoluble solid particles in water is no more than 0.1% and the granularity of these solids is no more than 0.2mm;
    PH value of non-corrosive water is between 6.5-8;
    Clean water at normal temperature is as the conveying medium: well water, river water and lake water
    Model meaning

    Performance parameter

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