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Deep-Well Pump

  • Products Name:100QJ (D) series of deep well pump
  • No.:sn2016081771033
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  • Main uses
    Pumping water from wells or reservoirs and it is applicable to families, citizens and industries. It is also applicable to garden and farmland irrigation.
    Water quality requirements:
    1. It is generally non-corrosive clean water;
    2. The content of solid substance in the water is lower than 0.01% (weight ratio)
    3. Its PH value is within 6.5-8.5;

    4. The water temperature is lower than 200℃

    Power supply: If the transformer is deeper from the well, voltage drop in power transmission line shall be considered and distance between transformer and wellhead shall be shorter than 20MM; if it is longer than 20MM, specification of power transmission line shall be two levels higher than that of original power distribution cable and line voltage drop shall be considered.
    Model meaning

    Performance parameter

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