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  • Products Name:New Series of QDX All-stainless 304 Sewage Pumps
  • No.:sn2016081769679
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  • Product Introduction
    1. The series of small QDX stainless cylinder submersible electric pumps adopt stainless steel design and consist of water pump, seal and motor. The motor is above the electric pump and adopts single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor structure; the water pump is below the motor and adopts water upward-pumping structure to prevent blocking caused by electric pump caught in the sludge. The artistic appearance adopts precise forging and stainless cylinder with characteristics such as stainlessness, anti-corrosion and free-pollution. It is generally applied in different situation with special requirements such as anti-corrosion, clean and healthy.
    2. The electric pump adopts double-end face mechanical seal device with characteristics of reliable sealing and safe using. The sealing element and cable adopt safe and clean anti-corrosion fluorine rubber in line with medium conditions.
    3. The overall structure of the pump is compact, small in volume, light and easy to maintain; the pump can be used submerged, and an overheating current protector is installed in the electric pump to prevent motor overheating caused by overloading.
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