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  • Products Name:WQD and WQ series of sewage submersible pump
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    WQD and WQ series of sewage submersible pump (hereinafter referred to as electric pump) are mainly used for the drainage of domestic wastewater, sewage, human wastes, suspended solid and non-corrosive medium containing short-fiber scraps of paper and wood, starch, sediment and crushed stone particle. The pumping liquid shall not be more than 40℃ in temperature, no more than 1,200kg/m3 in density and within the PH value of 5-9. The electric pump adopts the impeller of the double-end face, mechanical seal and cartridge spiral-flow type and the impeller adopts stainless steel and cast iron which are wear-resisting, unblocking and untwisting materials, with the characteristics of small in volume, compact structure and portability.
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